Speaking of Canada Goose, this brand is almost everyone knows. Nowdays Canada Goose down jacket have become a fashion trend on the street of Canada. You may think it is become popular in recent years, but the truth is this brand has actually been a few decades of history. As a 58 years of history of the outdoor brands, Canada Goose has excellent cold resistance, it has been highly admired by Canadian and adventure enthusiasts.

Canada Goose down jacket is different from other brands, it is more like a coat or a jacket, it is fashionable and easy to match. Compared to Italy Moncler, Canada goose is more handsome and neutral. Its superb craftsmanship and superior warmth are favored by many people, and it is the standing equipment of Antarctic expedition and outdoor climbing.

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Canada Goose almost have no difficulties in fashion match, because its super thermal performance can omit the complex internal mix, you can just wear a shirt or some other thin clothes then you will be very warm.